Trajaan just won LesBigBoss award for the most innovative startup in data & digital marketing 🏆

Search Listening Platform

Interface with a galaxy of search metrics

Think outside the bot! There is a world of search engines beyond Google – that can provide crucial data to help you understand what consumers want to buy or learn from your brand.

Enjoy artificial intelligence to detect & categorize all relevant search queries

You can use our setup modules to find thousands searched on your market, from suggestions or existing lists made by our team. 

Let our backend do the heavy lifting for you

We fetch search volumes from multiple data sources, at various frequencies, at different geographic scales. In the end, you get an access to a unified database in which we can derive metrics more advanced than just ‘search volume’.

Get access to a BI-style platform you can share with anyone

Every decision maker should get access to fast & reliable insights to uncover any market dynamics & opportunities. With Trajaan, search data can be analyzed from our dashboard, or exported into other BI tools from our API.