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Use Search Insights To Promote Your Business To Investors

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All companies seek for long-term stability to ensure long-term profits. When looking for long-term stability, most companies plan to expand & enjoy larger market data, shares, higher returns – meaning guaranteed cash flows.

About Your Quest For Growth

Expansion needs capital. No company will ever grow fast by relying on its internal already limited resources. To expect growth, business leaders must continuously identify relevant projects in which to invest cash & time — to induce expansion.

  • Horizontal expansion: scaling current offers to larger markets, by expanding to international or opening new stores in other cities. Just like when Revolut entered the US market.
  • Vertical expansion: launching new offers to target more profitable market segments. Classic vertical expansion is climbing up the value chain by shifting from an industry supplier to an end-user seller position. Just like when Salesforce acquired DemandWare to enter the world of e-commerce.

Since companies have limited resources by essence, decision makers endlessly need to convince investors to provide them with more capital to have more cash & time at disposal. When they finally have capital at their disposal, these leaders also need to make the best decisions to carefully spend available cash & time — to ensure later profits.

Whenever they’re looking for capital or turning it into expenses, business leaders have to constantly prove they’re following the right path to make their company grow. They have to constantly report what they’ve planned for growth.

What a constant pressure! No trustworthy plan, no capital. No capital, no growth. No growth, no long-term success!

Build Up Confidence With Investors

Building confidence with capital owners is key in any investment process. To turn an intuition into an investment, business leaders need to convince investors. Of course, investors are not always people from the financial world. As a project manager, investors can be your CEO, CMO or just your n+1 manager.

Whoever they are — entrepreneurs, project managers, or state chancellors — all people looking for capital need to convince investors they will eventually generate a great return on investment by engaging cash & time on costly projects

  • Development: innovation, market studies, internationalisation …
  • Acquisition: paid media, affiliation, SEO, shops opening …
  • Retention: surveys, loyalty programs, service development …

Investing capital is a risky business by essence. No one can predict the future. However, sometimes, there might be enough evidence in the outside world telling investors that an intuition may actually become profitable — or not.

Both investors & business leaders need to reduce uncertainty before activating any growth plan. That’s why spending time in your growth plan is crucial in the investment process.

The Pressure For Evidence

Growth planning is all about reducing uncertainty by finding evidence to generate more confidence between investors & business leaders.

Since self-conviction is obviously not enough evidence to convince anyone else to lend you capital, there’s a constant need to provide more valuable insights.

Here come all the market studies, consumers surveys & results of acquisition early-stage tests. All these data analyses are necessary to build up confidence with the right evidence that no one can challenge.

Closing the confidence value circle is definitely not an easy journey. Many data can be quite long to gather, then analyse — especially about what consumers want. When it comes to analyse what consumers are looking for & what competitors are already offering, data processing may become too complex for company internal teams.

Historically, consultancies like Ipsos, Kantar or GfK were created to help business leaders by providing trustworthy market trend reports. But these market research companies became somehow too monopolistic over time, so they failed to innovate enough during the information technology revolution.

Market research companies failed to manage delivering insights at the high speed. When at the same time, delivery speed became crucial for business leaders, given the economic environment moving always faster.

Large market research companies failed to address the core issue behind investment uncertainty: speed.

Business people in charge of gathering & spending capital have tons of questions every day. They live with constant uncertainty. They can’t afford waiting for weeks to get answers to simple questions.

To handle the constant pressure of investment, business leaders need help to get fast & reliable evidence, based on real market data. They need a form of intelligence capable to collect & process these data at scale. They need to rely. on an investment intelligence program.

Get Reliable Evidence With Search Insights

Investment intelligence is about detecting trustworthy market insights at any time, in any location — when preparing to invest for the future of a company.

Investors, business leaders, entrepreneurs, project managers … All live under the pressure to deliver reports describing market trends that would eventually become the strong foundation of future successful investments.

As the cornerstone of any growth plan, market trend reports are usually focused on answering simple but critical questions.

  • What do customers want?
  • How big is the competition?
  • What are the best growth options for a given company?

We believe any decision maker should get access to powerful data & technology to uncover any market potential and generate more trust from its investors.

So we launched Trajaan, a search listening platform providing investors & entrepreneurs the right data to assess market potential, to collaborate with more calm & confidence.

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Map everything consumers search about. your market to uncover segments with higher potential

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