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Hardware Stores: Crafting Useful Content For Home Renovation Trends in France

In the realm of home improvement, do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts are steering the trends towards personalised and creative expressions. The art of transforming a space has evolved and individuals have the desire to renew their interiors with bold changes easily and some classics are making a comeback.

Wallpaper, for example, has undergone a revival, shedding its outdated image and emerging as a stylish and accessible option for those seeking a quick and impactful transformation. From hand-painted murals to geometric accent walls, the consumers are yearning for bold and unique home renovations by finding simple and easy solutions that will turn their living spaces into unique reflections of their personality and style.

Those new trends are shaking the industry but what consumers are really expecting ? Let’s take a closer look at this market in France.

Using Search Listening to Reveal Consumer Expectations for Home Renovations

These days, any questions a consumer has about a product or brands usually begin with a search on Google to gather information and compare to prepare his purchase.

With the constant evolution of our society, it has become a real challenge for brands to truly grasp the interests of consumers and offer them the best product and experiences they are looking for. Understanding and analysing customer behaviour and expectations become straightforward and accessible when using search listening, which refers to the process of gathering search engine queries at scale. Thanks to Trajaan, our search listening platform, you will be able to access the largest pool of search data accessible to your brand and actionable insights in no time thanks to our pro service team.

In this trend report we decided to analyse what consumers are looking at to decorate their walls, in terms of paint and wallpaper but also what kind of decoration they can use to transform their interior at once.

With Trajaan you can dive into a subject by harvesting search queries easily with our platform and create meaningful clusters. In no time you can get a better understanding of your consumers.

Focusing on New Year’s Resolutions

As the new year unfolds, consumers are getting more invested in researching home renovations online, reaching its peak at the wrap-up of each year. This annual trend is characterised by a fervent quest for inspiration, ideas, and practical advice as individuals eagerly prepare for the spring season to engage in home renovations — a time synonymous with renewal and transformation. The internet becomes an indispensable resource for those contemplating home improvement projects, offering a vast array of articles, blogs, forums, and visual content to guide and inform. From trending interior design styles to innovative remodelling techniques, homeowners diligently scour online platforms to stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies. This collective burst of online activity not only reflects a proactive approach to enhancing living spaces but also underscores the digital age’s pivotal role in shaping and influencing consumer decisions related to home renovations.

When Wall Decoration Classics Return

With this cyclical desire of renewal, people want a quick change that can make a great difference in their home. That is why the great trends are between wallpapers and wall lights since they can make such a great difference instantly. 

Share of volume of most searched queries around the home renovations between 2019 and 2023

The resurgence of wallpaper in home renovations marks a captivating revival in interior design trends. Once relegated to the fringes of outdated decor, wallpaper is making a bold comeback as a chic and versatile statement piece. Design enthusiasts are embracing this trend, recognizing wallpaper as a powerful tool for transforming spaces with ease and style. With an array of modern patterns, textures, and colours, wallpaper is no longer a relic of the past but a dynamic element that can effortlessly breathe new life into any room. This resurgence reflects a desire for unique, personalised spaces, where homeowners can experiment with creativity and reimagine their walls as canvases for self-expression. The comeback of wallpaper exemplifies a fusion of nostalgia and contemporary design sensibilities, providing a compelling alternative to traditional paint and contributing to a vibrant DIY culture in home makeovers.

Furthermore, the resurgence of wall lights is illuminating interior design trends. Once considered a functional necessity, wall lights are now experiencing a renaissance as a stylish and impactful element in home decor. Design aficionados are rediscovering the versatility of these fixtures, using them not only to illuminate spaces but also to enhance aesthetics. Modern wall lights come in a myriad of designs, from sleek and minimalist to ornate and artistic, offering homeowners the opportunity to seamlessly integrate functional lighting with visual flair. This comeback reflects a shift towards thoughtful and holistic design, where every element contributes to the ambiance of a space. The renewed popularity of wall lights in home renovations underscores a desire for sophistication and a nod to timeless elegance, making them a key player in the contemporary quest for a well-lit and aesthetically pleasing home environment.

4 Murs: a Growing Brand In a French Flat Market

As we can notice, Leroy Merlin keeps the place of a very strong leader over other strong brands such as Castorama for example. This hardware store always proposed the whole necessity to find inspirations in the decorations aisles and get down on the project directly with all the necessary tools. Thanks to this complete and easy experience, Leroy Merlin stays without any doubt the leader on the market. Also, they kept a moderate price range to attract consumers but still propose a great variety of products.

Even so, there has been a noticeable dip in the market performance of DIY stores in France, exemplified by the challenges faced by prominent retailers like Castorama and even Leroy Merlin. Several factors contribute to this downturn, including economic uncertainties, shifting consumer preferences, and the impact of global events on the retail landscape. The rise of online shopping and the convenience it offers in accessing home improvement products may be diverting customers from traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Additionally, economic fluctuations might be influencing consumer spending habits, with individuals becoming more cautious about discretionary expenses related to DIY projects. As the market evolves, hardware stores may need to adapt their strategies to cater to the changing demands of a more digitally engaged and economically conscious consumer base. The challenge lies in striking a balance between the in-store experience and the convenience of online options to revitalise the appeal of DIY stores in the dynamic retail environment.

Interestingly, even with the decline of the market, some brands are getting trendier like “4 Murs” a french hardware store, especially about wall lights on this specific example. To explain this phenomenon, they redid their brand image recently and extended their range of product. 

By proposing on their website a page of collections very trendy like Pinterest would do, it builds confidence with customers because they feel accompanied through all the product range and the thinking process.

With the extension of their catalogue, the walk through the collection, and the association of product through a main theme, consumers get a full experience almost like an interior designer would help.
When you can buy a wallpaper harmonised with new curtains and even buy trendy skincare, the consumer experience feels really complete.

Moreover, by claiming themselves as a leader in mural decoration and a “very inspired concept store”, customers will unconsciously put their trust in the store and feel driven towards it. Also, since it’s not just a store, but claims to be a  “concept store”, those terms tend to increase the consumers’ trust, for a decoration store, because it gives the idea of expertise in the home decoration field. 4 murs place themselves as a “lifestyle partner” more than just  store and wrap up the whole consumer experience this feeling of personalised accompaniment around home renovations.

Focus on the Grand Est Region

To focus on the “Grand Est” region in France, two competitors seem to share the market : Leroy Merlin, the strong leader and 4 Murs, the store that refreshed their brand image recently. 

We could have thought that since the market is slightly decreasing, consumers will turn more to affordable options like Gifi or Action but they seem to still choose great consumer experience and quality over cheaper prices.

To deep dive slightly more around home renovations trends and specifically about solutions to decorate a wall we can notice 3 trends emerging quite strongly.

Wooden cleat as a wall feature or even optical illusion wallpaper, to get a more affordable option than wood. This option can bring a sense of warmth into a wall without making a room too crowded.

Panoramic wallpaper permits you to easily decorate a wall with bold patterns that make it look like a giant painting and get a “wow effect” in no time.

Finally, wall decorations can be an audacious move to decorate a wall by effortlessly adding a bold wood sculpture for example, but they usually are pricier options than wallpaper or wall lights.

A Market That Is Moving Fast

Ultimately, most of the big designers and big brands understood this emergent trends as we can see in famous interior design magazines like Architectural Digest.

Extract of an Architectural Digest article about panoramic wallpapers 

Consumers want to find affordable options for those trendy wallpapers and some brands are starting to position themselves but who is gonna take a step on the market and stand out ? To be continued.

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