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Market Research Actionable

Detect market opportunities from instant reports about fast-moving consumer behaviour.

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Discover crucial insights from consumers buying intent

Market sizing

Confirm your growth potential on any market, based on buyer intent analysis

Production forecast

Make sure to ship the right products to the right places & avoid useless stock

Ecommerce booster

Detect opportunities to position your brand where consumers look for solutions


The most actionable
market research platform


Get all your search data sources unified

Google, Bing, Baidu … There are in fact plenty of available data from smaller ecommerce & media search engines you can integrate with Trajaan.

Have you ever run a proper analysis about how your prospects land on your website from the organic search channel?

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Discover what consumers search on your market

Detect products or services driving interest from your consumers, at any geographic scale. 

Reveal search intent from your customers when they look for information about a product category. 

Evaluate brand awareness from your consumers without any biais.


Learn what product you should promote tomorrow

Trajaan provides search intelligence solutions for sales & category managers in retail and ecommerce – as well as for strategy consultants

Get alerted when products or services are generating more & more interest in certain countries, regions or cities.

Get notified about new brands, products or issues that consumers are starting to search & keep an eye on their awareness over time.

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Want to learn more?

Let’s find out together how you can take advantage from search data & secure more revenue!

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