Grow Faster With Online Searchers.

Grow Faster With Online Searchers.

Detect growth opportunities in fast-moving consumer trends with our search listening platform.

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All your search data, unified.

Google, Bing, Baidu … Think beyond the bot! Search engines are the true mirrors of demand, where people confess their deepest fears & desires.

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🤖 Connect to search engines

Everyone know popular search engines like Google or Bing. What about connecting to private search engines with more qualified data?

😎 Exploit your 1st-party data

Every brand has access to tons of search data. Google Ads, Search Console or Algolia. All these data have great value when blended!

🤠 Enjoy a unique segmentation

Get the big picture! Find all your keywords grouped with AI. Semantic-based, intent-based or from brand lexicons. 


Conquer new markets from the search bar.

E-commerce is evolving as fast as consumers expectations. Start positioning your brand on what consumers want to buy, with a great agility.

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📈 Size emerging trends

Compare all products and services consumers are searching for online to detect future top-sellers.

💈 Spot missed opportunities

Analyze your 1st-party search data to discover what your users expect to get from your brand, without finding it.

📺 Assess your media spend ROI

TV, radio, billboards … The effect of mass-media campaigns get always reflected into search metrics, even at a local scale.

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Get closer than ever to your consumers.

95% of shoppers start with an online search. Can you miss that as a brand? Keep up with the pace of innovation by collecting clear signals from the search bar.

📍 Detect local trends

Search data are geolocalized. Get search volume blended with population data to discover places with higher affinity.

🛒 Analyze search intent

Detecting what kind of offers or information online users aim to find when searching about your market. 

🌡️ Monitor brand awareness

Searched brands are brands consumer already know. Get fresh data every month without effort.

Search has never been so right.

Read what our customers think about us.

Selim Bouaicha
Selim BouaichaStrategy consultant @Neovian
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We use Trajaan when working on B2C due diligence missions. From the platform, we can quickly find reliable data facts to understand market dynamics - even in niche and emerging markets.
Pierre-Alexis Ardon
Pierre-Alexis ArdonCEO @Licorne Society
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Our business model is based on matching companies with job candidates. With Trajaan, we increased by 23% the amount of traffic from the search channel - by creating more targeted content.
Alexandre Friot
Alexandre FriotCEO @Unicorners
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As I was looking where to open a new franchise outside France, I used Trajaan to size how the real demand for coworking spaces & cafés in every major European city. So that I gained confidence before meeting potential investors.

🧑‍🔬 Significant

High-volume data source of 80k search queries every second.

👩‍⚖️ Reliable

Unbiased voice of the consumer, not of media or influencers.

👩‍✈️ International

Shared data referential across all emerging & advanced economies.

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