Trajaan just won LesBigBoss award for the most innovative startup in data & digital marketing 🏆

Why Trajaan

Search listening is all about extracting, collecting, processing, and analyzing online searches that people are typing into their search bar(s). Every Web user is performing such simple actions every day when connecting to websites like Google or Amazon. 

For companies and businesses, search queries represent a goldmine of insights. Not keeping an eye on search trends could be risky, as these provide a significant amount of information about what consumers want.

A single online search can have different objectives for a user: looking to buy something, looking for alternatives of a given product, finding a shop near their home, or just getting informed on something. All search queries can be interpreted to decrypt consumer behavior & spot emerging needs.

Search engines are the true mirrors of the world. Investigating Web users’ queries is like diving directly into users’ psychology, with no bias, no deductions, no withholdings. If the Internet is where people connect to others, search engines are where people confess their deepest fears & desires.

If you manage to collect, process & analyze thousands of search queries, your company can stay ahead of your market & launch new targeted offers before your competitors do. 

But search data analytics have become too big & too complex to be made without the proper technology.