Welcome to the World of Search Listening.

📔 Search listening (noun)

Technology to collect, process & extract strategic insights from large sets of search data.

Trajaan x Google Search Console

Every Web user is searching for information

Will you risk to miss what consumers are searching on Google, Amazon or even on your own website?

Trajaan x Google Search Console


Listen to what consumers are searching.

95% of shoppers start with an online search. Can you miss these search signals? Keep up with the pace of innovation by listening to search bars.

🛒 What they want to buy

Detecting what types of offers or information online users aim to find when searching about your market. 

💈 What brands they consider

Searched brands are brands consumer already know. Get fresh data every month without effort.

📍 Where they want to shop

Get search volume blended with population data to discover places with higher affinity.

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Dive into your consumer psychology.

Search engines are the true mirrors of the world, where people confess their deepest fears & desires.

🕵️‍♀️ Analyse search intent

Long-tail search queries reveal what customers intend to learn, find or buy.

👩‍🔬 Forget about survey biais

Consumers search for products, information or services without being asked.

👨‍💼 Discover weak signals

Detect new needs or fears in long-tail search queries, revealing.


React faster than your competitors.

We are not just another boring SEO tool. They think micro, we think macro. We help your brand map your entire market to detect the best opportunities from search signals.

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💡 Secure your innovation & expansion programs.

Never miss any market signal – all growing segments or brands from your market – and make sure to secure your future product launches.

📈 Launch new offers at the right time.

Review what products or services you should promote to consumers, any time, based on seasonality analysis & trending signals detection.

📝 Promote the rights products & services.

Map everything people search around your universe – and detect trending or seasonal products to promote in the upcoming week(s) or month.

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Why search data have become crucial to brands & retailers.

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Consumer insights

Discover what people want to buy or learn online.

Content planning

Get all teams aligned on search channel opportunities.

Retail strategy

Adapt your merchandising to local trends.

Strategy consulting

Serious data for due diligence & market research.

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