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Every Internet user is searching for information. Why would you miss what consumers are searching on Google, Bing, Amazon, ecommerce, media or from your own website internal search engine? 


Get the key to your search gold mine.

A world of search engines

Google, Bing, Amazon, Baidu … The Big Four sometimes hides the fact there are plenty of available data from smaller ecommerce & media search engines you can integrate with Trajaan.

Connect your own search data

Have you ever run a proper analysis about how your prospects land on your website from the organic search channel? And why they start search for specific content from your search bar?

Feed from a unified database

Trajaan provides an access to a unified data model. Take advantage of that unified database to compare metrics from multiple search data sources, saving precious analysis time & offering new insights about your marketing funnel.

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Learn what drives consumers interest on any market.

Discover consumers intents

Some search queries reveal exactly what customers have in mind when they look for information about a specific brand, product or service (price, review, material, fear …). 

Review all brands with the best awareness

Get notified about all the brands or celebrities consumers are aware of. These insights are totally unbiased, since people type brand names without being asked what they think about these.

Get alerted about local trending categories

Detect what products or services are generating more & more in interest over time, either nationally or a more local scale. All data sources can be refreshed on a monthly, but some can also get weekly or daily updates!


Secure more revenue from the search channel

Detect local opportunities

Make sure to identify local markets with higher potential – revealed by increased search volume & low competition.

Launch smart campaigns

Start new local campaigns targeting consumers search for information – based on detected opportunities. Set a maximum budget by day or week & a conversion target to reach.

Improve your content promotion

Compare your performance from paid search channels with organic visits & start building a website that answer your prospects questions.

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Search intelligence in a nutshell

👨‍💻 unbiased DATA

Search data are totally unbiased & tell you exactly what consumers are looking for.


Search data give you a big picture of trending brands & categories, every time in the year.


Attract more prospects by promoting your brand, products & services to Web searchers.

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