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Committed to the search channel.

We believe search engines provide the richest source of data to understand major dynamics of consumption before investing in marketing plans.

We believe technology can help harness the power of search engines, by understanding the true consumer intent behind every single online search.

Since the beginning, our goal remain the same: offering an immersive tool to understand what consumer want by listening to Google, Amazon, Baidu, Bing and thousands of other search engines.

That’s why our solution is offering scripted reports enabling marketing professionals to quickly access reliable insights before deploying product innovation, merchandising or search engine marketing campaigns.

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When it all began.

It is not a big secret that the world of market research has become quite old-fashioned, missing to step up with new technology. 

So we began working hand-in-hand with top-tier  strategy consulting firms in 2021, to launch an MVP capable to detect major variations in the demand structure from search data.

With the help of the Wilco accelerator & learnings from Station F, we finally launched our SaaS application to allow any consumer brand, retailer or ecommerce player to take the most advantage of search data.

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We are deeply convinced that search data are underestimated by most businesses. 

With the right technology combined to the right people, we are 100% sure we can help every single consumer brand out there in the world.

If you want to take part of that adventure, please let us know!

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