Reassure Investors with Reliable Alternative Market Data

All companies seek for long-term stability to ensure long-term profits. When looking for long-term stability, most companies plan to expand & enjoy larger market data, shares, higher returns – meaning guaranteed cash flows. The Continuous Quest For Growth Expansion needs capital. No company will ever grow fast by relying on its internal already limited resources. […]

Neeva, Apple Search … The New World of Search Engines.

Trajaan / world of search engines

Salesforce ex-chief data scientist introduced in 2020, a so-called revolutionary search engine aiming to take down the almighty Google Search. In the meantime, many rumours are announcing an upcoming search algorithm from Apple – to replace Google Search from all devices from the Cupertino company. In the meantime, reports indicate Amazon is the starting point of more than 40% of product purchases […]

Revealing local trends in demand for insurance policies in Brazil

Case study / Insurances in Brazil

Revealing how different types of insurance policies generate interest among Brazilians. Download ebook What search data reveal of insurance market What do Brazilians want to insure the most in every state? Cars? Houses? Pets? Travel? Goods? Is there any specific local trend for each market? Is the consumer behaviour in Northern states different from Southern […]