Trajaan vs. Google Trends: Taking Search Listening To The Next Level

google trends

Why You Should Listen To Online Searchers. Search listening is all about extracting, collecting, processing, and analyzing online searches that people are typing into their search bar(s). Every Web user does such easy actions on a daily basis when connecting to websites such as Google or Amazon. For companies and businesses, search queries represent a goldmine of insights. […]

What Is The Best Search Listening Tool To Interface Your Brand With Online Searchers?​

What is search listening? Search listening is the practice of doing consumer research utilizing search data (often from Google but also from Amazon, Bing, and Baidu). It is the process of extracting, collecting, processing, and analyzing the online searches that Internet users type into their search bars.  Every Internet user performs these simple actions every […]

Social Listening vs. Search Listening: Why Every Consumer Brand Needs Both Technologies.

All brands need to listen to consumers Social & search listening are two faces of the same industry: consumer & market intelligence. Consumer and market intelligence is the art of detecting patterns in human behavior to assist brands in launching the best products and offers based on genuine demand. It focuses on understanding consumer expectations, motivations, […]