Search Engine Market Trends: Is Google Harmed By New Competitors?

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Everyone knows Google. But there is a world beyond Google. Think about Baidu, Naver, or Bing: these search engines have become as big as Google in some countries.  Specialized search engines have emerged as major alternatives to Google – being either more powerful or convenient than Google in some situations: Amazon, Target & other major marketplace search engines TikTok, […]

Neeva, Apple Search … The New World of Search Engines

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Salesforce ex-chief data scientist introduced in 2020, a so-called revolutionary search engine aiming to take down the almighty Google Search. In the meantime, many rumours are announcing an upcoming search algorithm from Apple – to replace Google Search from all devices from the Cupertino company. In the meantime, reports indicate Amazon is the starting point of more than 40% of product purchases […]