Serious data for strategy.

Size growth potential & detect the most trending brands & segments on any market, even at a very local scale.

Seasonality by Trajaan (screenshot)

We work all together.


Consumer insights on a silver platter.

95% of purchase journeys start with an online search. Our platform is here to help map & segment all signals from search engines.

Growth by Trajaan (screenshot)

πŸ›’ What they want to buy.

Detecting what types of offers or information online users aim to find when searching about your market.Β 

πŸ’ˆ What brands they consider.

Searched brands are brands consumer already know. Get fresh data every month without effort.

πŸ“ Where they want to shop.

Get search volume blended with population data to discover places with higher affinity.

Local trends by Trajaan (screenshot)


Get reliable data, before you even start strategizing.

Sometimes you face a lack of existing studies or data when you start a mission.Β We are here to help when there is no-one else.

πŸ’° Mergers & acquisitions.

Get real figures about what people search online before assessing market size, brand awareness & growth potential .

🌎 International expansion.

Confirm there is a clear demand for a product or a service in other countries – even a region or city scale.

πŸ›’ Ecommerce launch.

Learn what consumers want to learn or buy from brands online, before advising a company to launch its own D2C platform.


We do the heavy lifting, with human touch.

Our unique methodology combines technology and human review to detect & categorize everything consumers search online.

CSM by Trajaan

πŸ’¬ You tell us what you need.

You give us a call. We confirm if search listening can help to assessΒ  your market potential – or not.

βš™οΈ We run our algorithms.

Our bots fetch suggestions to retrieve everything search online, before segmenting all queries.

πŸ”‘ You get a turnkey data platform.

Access growth analysis, local trends & weak signals reports. All data can be easily exported.

The platform you ever wanted!

πŸ€– Reliable sources

Trust a unified & international referential, with clean search data aggregated from Google or Amazon.

πŸš€ Fast delivery

It won’t last more than 72 hours between your brief call to the onboarding session with your team.

πŸ“² Always-on support

Machines are great, humans are even better. All platforms are reviewed by our team of analysts.Β 


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Why search data have become crucial to brands & retailers.

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How we help global brands & agencies extract value from search.

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Why we founded Trajaan & where we are going as a team.


Brand management

Be prepared for your next product launches.

Online acquisition

Get all teams aligned on search channel opportunities.

Retail strategy

Adapt your merchandising to local trends.

Strategy consulting

Serious data for due diligence & market research.