Strategy Consulting.

Strategy Consulting

Get high-quality search data to understand what brands, products & services drive the most interest among consumers in any country of local territory.

Strategy / search data

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Get high-quality data about consumers.

Search data is the best source of information to quickly understand B2C and professional services markets.

With Trajaan, discover what consumers want, anywhere, anytime on any topic.


Trust a unified data referential.

Search data is geo-located, accurately measurable and available in nearly real-time, while traditional data can take days or even weeks to collect.

With Trajaan, get access to consolidated metrics to run cross-countries / regions analyses.

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Detect major market trends in minutes.

Get access to ready-to-use data visualisation designed to answer strategic questions : demand heat map, local trends, search volume timeline and our brand awareness matrix.

Spot automatically temporal and regional variations in any market.


Get access to raw data.

Export and download up to one year of historical search data by location into Excel or CSV.  

Blend Trajaan data with all your existing data sets to get additional structured data about market segments.

Strategy / raw data

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Get fresh high-quality data from any local market, with seasonality

Run simple cross-country analyses with a unique data referential

Secure a faster time-to-insight with our built-in analytics.

Access all raw data anytime to power up your own recommendations.

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Let’s find out together how you can take advantage from search data & secure more revenue!

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