Reveal Your True Organic Positioning.

Reveal Your True Organic Positioning.

Connect your Google Search Console account to Trajaan and reveal how consumers manage to find you on Google, over time.

Trajaan x Google Search Console


Learn how people find you on Google.

Reveal how your website is actually found on Google & when people prefer clicking on your links rather than your competitors’.

Trajaan x Google Search Console

🔦 Assess your brand positioning

Confirm that consumers engage with your brand from topics you want them to be aware of.

💰 Analyse your media ROI

Compare your media calendar with signals of online engagement to reveal the best operations.

👩‍✈️ Pilot your brand content

Learn what types of queries make users find & visit your website in search engine results.

Trajaan x Google Search Console


Get value from your Search Console data

Even smaller websites are tied with 10k+ more different queries searched from Google. These data say a lot about what your consumers want, when properly analysed.

📚 Segment all search queries

Data are logged every day, in every country – for every search query making your website appear in Google search results.

💬 Detect spikes of engagement

Review when Web users searched the most about each segment or keyword, before landing on your website.

💡 Find content ideas

Discover all topics that should be more developed as they’re a great source of engagement from the search channel.

See it live!

Let’s find out together how you can take advantage from search data & secure more revenue!

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