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We help retailers & marketplaces uncover all trends & dynamics to drive efficient business growth.

Delivering engaging experiences at scale can seem daunting.

How do you continually nurture your customer base while also trying to establish trust by highlighting their preferences ? 

Join our users community and learn how you can build engaging customer journeys at scale with Trajaan, the #1 Consumer Data Platform.


Strengthen your direct to consumer strategy.

Challenging economic conditions force marketplaces and retailers to cut spending and advertising costs. Before you do the same, we recommend you one thing : look at the data. We guarantee you you’ll find cost-saving but you’ll also find some opportunities for growth

Collect volumes from any market or geolocation, with up to 3 years of historical data and aggregate search volumes from hundreds of geolocations to find local market with unusual behavior then segment your data with semantics AI to reveal the most searched brands, products or features.



Drive value from your consumer's digital footprint.

Data is the next frontier of business growth. Businesses will get to growth and continue to grow if they provide personalized experiences that create long-term loyalty.

82% of our clients’ customer service professionals say quality consumer data is one of the most important ingredients for growth when they compare their results to previous years.

To drive growth, B2C marketing needs to become truly customer centric. An in-depth understanding of what customers value, what they need, and how they “tick” is the necessary basis for any successful marketing strategy.


Ad targeting and personnalization with real-time data.

Businesses are doubling down on what works. It’s not just on product efficiency. In this volatile environment, 69% of businesses say that they are leaning into channels  with proven ROI. 67% of businesses are prioritizing keeping current customers happy over acquiring new ones.

To continue to grow, retailers, marketplace and brands must lean into technology that helps them understand buyer behavior, improve marketing performance with search listening and deliver hyper-local customer interactions that drive revenue.

Organizations who are using our search listening platform have reported they have seen faster revenue growth and higher customer satisfaction.


Get actionnable insights.

Growth at all costs era is over. Marketing budgets are declining so marketing and communication departments need to be thoughtful and creative about what they can produce and how they maximize existing budgets for new ads campaigns.

With search listening you can analyze billions of real consumers worries in order to refocusing their media activation, content strategy and product development priorization.

Our clients have drastically improve their search revenues (+18%).


Grow your business.

Learn faster, dig deeper and see further. All the dashboards included in our platform are designed to provide simplified formats to measure customers insights.

No data scientist expert ? Take control of data without relying on BI or data teams. We centralize all your strategic data, keep it fresh and harmonized.


Move faster but wiser.

The current combination of shipping challenges and surging economies has caused an inflationary shock. The result? Significant price increases. Many companies have been caught off guard by this development and – in an effort to maintain their margins and thus enable re-investments in their business – they automatically raise prices.

While this is an understandable reaction, our advice would be to deploy a very nuanced, strategic increase based on consumer listening in South America and Turkey from the past 3 years but also real-time listening, rather than a generic one only based on figures, designed to simply pass-through higher costs.


Consumer brands need listening technologies.

Search engines are true mirrors of our world. People are living their best lives on Instagram, they’re experiencing their real lives in Google. Forget about survey biais, as most people do not dare confessing their deepest fears & desires.

Nobody is worried about being listened to when using search bars. Online searches truly represent people’s minds, interests & hidden desires. Search engines provide unparalleled access to the largest existing consumer panel. You don’t only have access to social media users, you have access to anyone using search engines, which is almost everyone.

You won't be alone in this journey.

The silver economy is happening online! I use Trajaan every month to detect local trends in demand like specific senior care services requested in every city we're targeting. So that we can react fast & adapt our acquisition strategy by city.

Andrea Temime

CEO @Hoomiz

Instead of using multiple tools like Google Keyword Planner, Search Console & Ahrefs, I use Trajaan as my unique source of search data to discover what I should do next to gain traffic from the search channel.

Pierre-Alexis Ardon

Licorne Society

Hear from innovative companies such as ...

My team uses Trajaan to quickly detect major market dynamics and get reliable data facts to learn what consumers really want. Very useful to gain time & validate hypotheses during due diligence missions.

Selim Bouaicha

Selim Bouaïcha

Manager @Neovian Partners

Semrush could not look at specific US cities & counties in order to compare search volume for different retail brands. Trajaan did a great job by revealing cities with the highest potential to expand our end-customer presence.


Mitchell Plueger

Bain & co

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