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Get deep consumer intelligence.

“To drive growth, marketing B2B2C needs to become truly customer centric. An in-depth understanding of what customers value, what they need, and how they “tick” is the necessary basis for any successful marketing companies.

At Trajaan we understand that brands make large investments in paid search & social ads. So we put you in position to get the largest return possible. We help some of the world’s most impactful brands to transform their marketing approach, never losing sight of the company’s revenue and profit goals.


What consumers say online is not what consumers want.

Search engines are true mirrors of our world. People are living their best lives on Instagram, they’re experiencing their real lives in Google. Forget about survey biais, as most people do not dare confessing their deepest fears & desires.

Nobody is worried about being listened to when using search bars. Online searches truly represent people’s minds, interests & hidden desires. Search engines provide unparalleled access to the largest existing consumer panel. You don’t only have access to social media users, you have access to anyone using search engines, which is almost everyone.


Uncover missed opportunities.

87% of in-store purchases start with an online search. Consumers use search engines like Google to find where to buy specific products.

A surge in search volume always results in a surge of demand in local stores. Same goes for on-line purchases. See the world from a higher vantage point and optimize your ads campaigns.

Trajaan / plant based milk market trends


Search listening to explore consumer preferences.

We are evolving in a society where consumption is in constant progression. It is becoming increasingly difficult for brands to stand out, for retailers to select the “correct” products to offer and for consumers to select them.

See how Trajaan perfeclty understood new trends of a very young market 👉 “Plant-Based Milk Market Trends: Discover Favorite Dairy Alternatives in Europe.


Control your clients brand & products reputation.

Consumers do not hesitate one second when it comes to get feedback on restaurants, hotels, products & brands review. Detect emerging risks when people start searching for drugs wrong side effects, bad aftersales services, products quality along your clients brand.

Healthcare & pharma ©Trajaan
Pain relievers consumers are looking more and more for their side effects (YoY growth) 🇺🇸


Start acquiring new prospects from the search channel.

You don’t have to sell products from the Internet to acquire new customers through the Internet. Start producing quality content that will respond to consumers when they are searching online for answers – so that they will remember your brand name. 

You won't be alone in this journey.

The silver economy is happening online! I use Trajaan every month to detect local trends in demand like specific senior care services requested in every city we're targeting. So that we can react fast & adapt our acquisition strategy by city.

Andrea Temime

CEO @Hoomiz

Instead of using multiple tools like Google Keyword Planner, Search Console & Ahrefs, I use Trajaan as my unique source of search data to discover what I should do next to gain traffic from the search channel.

Pierre-Alexis Ardon

Licorne Society

Hear from innovative companies such as

My team uses Trajaan to quickly detect major market dynamics and get reliable data facts to learn what consumers really want. Very useful to gain time & validate hypotheses during due diligence missions.

Selim Bouaicha

Selim Bouaïcha

Manager @Neovian Partners

Semrush could not look at specific US cities & counties in order to compare search volume for different retail brands. Trajaan did a great job by revealing cities with the highest potential to expand our end-customer presence.


Mitchell Plueger

Bain & co

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