The First Platform Designed For Search Trends Detection.

The search channel deserved a proper market research platform.

Interface with a galaxy of search metrics.

Think outside the bot! There is a world of search engines beyond Google – that can provide crucial data to help you understand what consumers want to buy or learn from your brand.

Trajaan ETL data sources

Use semantics AI to map & segment thousands of search queries.

Why spending hours tagging keywords or search queries manually from Excel? Just import all the queries you have & let the magic begin!

Semantics AI ©Trajaan

Enjoy the best business intelligence designed for the search channel.

We believe any decision maker should get access to the right data & technology to uncover any market potential. Market data can be either analyzed from our dashboard, or exported into other BI tools.

Get started with search listening!

Let’s find out together how you can take advantage from search data & find your next best sellers!

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search listening

Why search data have become crucial to brands & retailers.

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How we help global brands & agencies extract value from search.

Meet our team &

Why we founded Trajaan & where we are going as a team.


Consumer insights

Discover what people want to buy or learn online.

Content planning

Get all teams aligned on search channel opportunities.

Retail strategy

Adapt your merchandising to local trends.

Strategy consulting

Serious data for due diligence & market research.

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