Audio Cassettes & Vinyl Market Trends: Lookout on 2022 Popular Artists

Vinyl market trends

Today, the digital era is creating new modes of consumption, and a new way of acting and listening to music. However, emblematic objects of the past are making a comeback.  Although the domination of streaming platforms is well underway and technology is not known to be cyclical, the popularity of vinyl records, walkman, and audio […]

Plant-Based Milk Market Trends: Discover Favorite Dairy Alternatives in Europe

Trajaan / plant based milk market trends

Without lactose, gluten, or cholesterol; source of vitamins and minerals … The advantages of plant-based milk are no longer to be proven today. An EU-funded project reported a 49% growth in European consumption of plant-based foods over the past two years.  Lactose intolerance affects approximately 68% of the world’s population. Potato milk, the new trend […]

Real Estate Trends: Into The Post Covid-19 French Boiling Market

Real estate trends in France

After two years of lockdowns because of the Covid-19 crisis, the real estate sector is facing new challenges and desires. Let’s review the main differences we have seen online: the reign of furnished apartments the new demand for houses within an hour of Paris the agencies’ awareness online The French real estate market is still boiling […]

Baby Safety: How Google Became Parents’ Best Advisor

Baby safety trends

Baby Care: How To Boost Online Sales By Answering Parents’ Real Concerns Understanding parents’ concerns about their babies & answering with proper content is key to turning anxious parents into baby care product buyers. 90% of parents believe roads have become more dangerous than ever – pointing out too many people “driving recklessly” and “endangering […]

Cocktail Trends: Martini Is Back, But Not in Its Old Way

Trajaan / cocktail trends martini

Over the last years, the martini has become one of the most popular mixed alcoholic drinks in Western countries. The martini is a cocktail made with gin and vermouth, garnished with an olive or lemon peel. The martini has become more popular than ever in consumers’ minds, pushed by trendy recipes coming straight from London’s […]

Air Travel Trends: Flying Has Never Been So Popular in Germany!

Trajaan / air travel trends

+63% in interest for flying since May 2019, while Spain remains the thought leader on German travelers’ wish list. Using search listening to explore travellers’ favorite destinations Every travel usually starts with a search on Google to prepare, plan and compare destinations before making any decisions. Searching for flights from Berlin to Paris Understanding what, […]

Skinimalism​: Threat or Opportunity for the Makeup Industry?

skinimalism search trends

Skincare experts have described skinimalism as a new trend for years.  We have now evidence of its emergence from Google Search, pushed by a big rise of searches about face yoga. The holiday season is usually a significant time for market analysts – trying to predict what the future is going to look like for […]

Health: Monitoring How The Chagas Disease Is Damaging South America

Trajaan / Chagas disease

Latin Americans are facing Chagas, a new plague coming straight from their homes. As bed bugs, Chagas are spreading fast and causing severe disease among the fragile population. Given the lack of local data, monitoring search trends is the best tool for health organizations to analyze how the situation is evolving in every country. Chagas: […]

NFT Trends: The Impact On Video Games & Art markets

Trajaan / NFT Trends

Monitoring NFTs search patterns to see how the emergence of these smart contracts has affected the art and video gaming industry. NFTs (non-fungible-tokens) have never been more searched than in 2021.  Today, one French out of forth has heard of NFT. +400% search volume in the last 6 months. NFTs? Cryptocurrencies? Blockchain ? 📈​ NFTs […]

Do-It-Yourself: All Latest Trends in France

DIY furniture trends

The furniture market continues to grow, with a 9% growth forecast for 2021. What do French consumers exactly want to build on their own? Not only do people want to feel good at home, but they’re also very eager to get advice & buy stuff from online platforms. Let’s use search listening to review the main drivers of DIY […]