Grocery Store Chains in Malaysia: Local Brand Awareness Tracking

Grocery Stores Malaysia

Depending on the generation you ask, the idea of a ‘grocery store’ can change drastically. Ask someone born in the 1950s? They see a small, family-run greengrocer – the center of the town, and a community hub more than anything else. Or those born in, say, the 1980s? They’d very likely picture the rise of […]

Cocktail Trends: Martini Is Back, But In Different Fashion

Trajaan / cocktail trends martini

Over the last years, the martini has become one of the most popular mixed alcoholic drinks in Western countries. The martini is a cocktail made with gin and vermouth, garnished with an olive or lemon peel. The martini has become more popular than ever in consumers’ minds, pushed by trendy recipes coming straight from London’s […]

Beauty Search Trends: Is Aloe Vera Still Big in Mexico?

Mexico / beauty aloe vera search trends

Cultures around the world have been embracing the practical uses of Aloe Vera for its numerous health benefits and traditional medicinal uses for centuries. Among treating burns, injuries, aloe vera also boasts anti-aging properties, making it a valued key ingredient (or even standalone product) for a range of industries. Specifically in more recent times, namely […]

Singapore: Monitoring Latest Real Estate Search Trends

Singapore real estate search trends

When it comes to global real estate markets, there are truly few destinations as hot as Singapore right now – but why might that be? Exploring Consumers Expectations From Google Search The passport power of a Schengen-zone European nation that scored as the second most powerful on the 2023 passport index? Deep-rooted trade connections with […]

Football Boots: Measuring The ROI of Sponsoring Players

football boots

Football sponsorships are an important part of the modern sport. For most top players, sponsors are a major source of income and help them to make a living from the sport. But sponsoring players is not just a fun game for brands. Brands expect a high return on investment when spending millions on players like […]

Solar Energy Trends in South Africa: The Rise & Trends of Renewable Energies

Solar panels / search trends

The sun has been shining on South Africa’s solar panel market as sales soared by 90% within the last two years. Let’s talk about what’s changed: Solar panels in South Africa have grown 90% in the last two years ☀️ In 2019, the total installed solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity in South Africa was 2,411 megawatts […]

Audio Cassettes & Vinyl Market Trends: Lookout on 2022 Popular Artists

Vinyl market trends

Today, the digital era is creating new modes of consumption, and a new way of acting and listening to music. However, emblematic objects of the past are making a comeback.  Although the domination of streaming platforms is well underway and technology is not known to be cyclical, the popularity of vinyl records, walkman, and audio […]

Plant-Based Milk Market Trends: Discover Favorite Dairy Alternatives in Europe

Trajaan / plant based milk market trends

Without lactose, gluten, or cholesterol; source of vitamins and minerals … The advantages of plant-based milk are no longer to be proven today. An EU-funded project reported a 49% growth in European consumption of plant-based foods over the past two years.  Lactose intolerance affects approximately 68% of the world’s population. Potato milk, the new trend […]

Real Estate Trends: Into The Post Covid-19 French Boiling Market

Real estate trends in France

After two years of lockdowns because of the Covid-19 crisis, the real estate sector is facing new challenges and desires. Let’s review the main differences we have seen online: the reign of furnished apartments the new demand for houses within an hour of Paris the agencies’ awareness online The French real estate market is still boiling […]