OpenAI: A Great Friend for Content SEO Teams in Partnership with Trajaan

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In the ever-evolving digital landscape, content SEO teams are in a constant race to find the best tools and strategies to maintain a competitive edge. Among these tools, OpenAI and other content generation AI technologies have garnered attention for their ability to streamline the content creation process, reducing writing efforts and time spent crafting high-quality […]

Search Engine Market Trends: Is Google Harmed By New Competitors?

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Everyone knows Google. But there is a world beyond Google. Think about Baidu, Naver, or Bing: these search engines have become as big as Google in some countries.  Specialized search engines have emerged as major alternatives to Google – being either more powerful or convenient than Google in some situations: Amazon, Target & other major marketplace search engines TikTok, […]

Trajaan vs. Google Trends: Taking Search Listening To The Next Level

google trends

Why You Should Listen To Online Searchers. Search listening is all about extracting, collecting, processing, and analyzing online searches that people are typing into their search bar(s). Every Web user does such easy actions on a daily basis when connecting to websites such as Google or Amazon. For companies and businesses, search queries represent a goldmine of insights. […]

What Is The Best Search Listening Tool To Interface Your Brand With Online Searchers?​

What is search listening? Search listening is the practice of doing consumer research utilizing search data (often from Google but also from Amazon, Bing, and Baidu). It is the process of extracting, collecting, processing, and analyzing the online searches that Internet users type into their search bars.  Every Internet user performs these simple actions every […]

SEO For Startups: Why You Should Start Investing in SEO from Day 1

SEO for startups

71% of B2B searchers start their searches with an unbranded search (instead of a brand search). Search engine optimization is all about working to catch these prospects. SEO is an investment that does not pay for itself in the second after. It takes time to research what consumers are really searching online and what kind of […]

Social Listening vs. Search Listening: Why Every Consumer Brand Needs Both Technologies.

All brands need to listen to consumers Social & search listening are two faces of the same industry: consumer & market intelligence. Consumer and market intelligence is the art of detecting patterns in human behavior to assist brands in launching the best products and offers based on genuine demand. It focuses on understanding consumer expectations, motivations, […]

Why You Should Care About Unbranded Searches Traffic.​

Today’s consumers have the whole world in their pockets. Finding and comparing local businesses takes just a few seconds – and those seconds are often a brand’s only chance to turn a prospect into a customer. To convince in a few seconds users, you need to be aware of everything people search beyond your brand name. […]

Reassure Investors with Reliable Alternative Market Data

All companies seek for long-term stability to ensure long-term profits. When looking for long-term stability, most companies plan to expand & enjoy larger market data, shares, higher returns – meaning guaranteed cash flows. The Continuous Quest For Growth Expansion needs capital. No company will ever grow fast by relying on its internal already limited resources. […]

Neeva, Apple Search … The New World of Search Engines

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Salesforce ex-chief data scientist introduced in 2020, a so-called revolutionary search engine aiming to take down the almighty Google Search. In the meantime, many rumours are announcing an upcoming search algorithm from Apple – to replace Google Search from all devices from the Cupertino company. In the meantime, reports indicate Amazon is the starting point of more than 40% of product purchases […]