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Trajaan - dashboard

Discover local trends & specific consumer behavior across different locations & learn how to turn these insights into revenue.


Unified search data

External search

Get access to what consumers search on Google, Bing or Baidu. Connect your Google Search Console or your Bing Webmaster tools to get more metrics about keywords that drive traffic to your website.

Internal search

Connect your internal search engine to Trajaan to get more insights about what your prospects search from your own search engine.

Platform / insights


Instant insights

Demand structure

Learn more about segments driving the most interest from consumers, either at a national or a local scale. 

Seasonality analysis

Ensure you identify local markets with higher potential – revealed by increased search volume & low competition.

Local affinity

Identify local markets with higher growth potential or specific expectations – revealed by the amount of search for 100.000 population.



Emerging trends

Make sure not to miss any trend from the market by reviewing all significant increases or drops in search volume. For all your categories and segments.

Local signals

You are thinking about exploring new markets or territories? Let Trajaan do the heavy lifting & point out the most relevant locations to launch your next offer.

Platform / alerting

Listen to our happy customers.

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Let’s find out together how you can take advantage from search data & secure more revenue!

Strategy / search data
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