Meet Search Listening.

Discover local trends in consumer behaviour from search data analytics powered by AI & statistics.
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Map everything consumers search about your industry.

Google, Bing, Baidu … Think beyond the bot! Search engines are the true mirrors of demand, where people confess their deepest fears & desires.

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🤖 Unify all search data sources

Google, Baidu, Bing … Connect your Search Console to compare what consumers search vs. how they land on your website.

🦾 Get keywords suggestions

Keep calm & review suggestions from our algorithms. You can also contact us to build complete keywords plan from scratch.

🦿Cluster your keywords with AI

Get the big picture. Do not track single keywords but groups of similar keywords. Use semantic AI to get segments suggestions.

Monitor consumers interest over time.

Get fast access to reliable consumer data. Ecommerce is growing, brands & products are searched more than ever from search engines like Google.

📈 Size emerging trends

Learn what segments are generating a growing interest among consumers.

📊 Confirm seasonality

Review what brands & products generate more interest every season.

💎 Detect weak signals

Detect all intents behind what consumers search online.

Detect local markets with higher potential.​

Where should you prioritize your next actions? Search engine data are geolocalized, so you can compare consumers interest from different cities, regions or countries.

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📍 Discover local trends

Reveal local markets with higher growth potential – with search volumes computed for 100k population.

🌎 Run international lookout

Analyze what is happening elsewhere, learn which competitors come top-of-mind & monitor them before they settle in your own market.

⚔️ Monitor local competition

Detect territories where brands & ecommerce websites spend a lot to attract new prospects from the search channel.

Let our tech do the heavy lifting.

Let’s find out together how you can take advantage from search data & secure more revenue!

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