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Join modern healthcare companies using search listening technology to monitor health concerns, global diseases & drug awareness.

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Keep an eye on health concerns, at global scale.

Search engines are true mirrors of our world, platforms we use everyday to get information on diseases, drugs or side effects. Forget about survey biais, as most people do not dare confessing their deepest fears & desires.

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Top-allergies by month in France 🇫🇷
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Spike of online searches for vaccines against chaga disease in Bolivia 🇧🇴


Anticipate surges in local demand for supply.

83% of purchases start with an online search. Consumers use search engines like Google to find where to buy drugs or specific products. A surge in search volume always results in a surge of demand in local stores and pharmacies.


Monitoring how chagas is spreading in South America

Chagas disease is a tropical parasitic disease caused by bugs that are mainly found in South America. Check out how monitoring search volume about this disease reveals where it spreads faster.

Trajaan / Chagas disease
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Pain relievers consumers are looking more and more for their side effects (YoY growth) 🇺🇸


Control your brand & products reputation.

Consumers do not hesitate one second when it comes to get feedback on vaccines or medicines. Detect emerging risks when people start searching for wrong side effects or dangers along your brand.


Start acquiring new prospects from the search channel.

You don’t have to sell products from the Internet to acquire new customers through the Internet. Start producing quality content that will respond to consumers when they are searching online for answers – so that they will remember your brand name. 

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Top concerns related to whooping cough in the UK 🇬🇧


Skinimalism: threat or opportunity for the healthcare industry?

A new trend has emerged in Western countries: less makeup, less medicines, more natural care of the skin. Is it another fad that will only help print more fashion & beauty magazines? Or is it something deeper global brands should start care about?

You won't be alone in this journey.

The silver economy is happening online! I use Trajaan every month to detect local trends in demand like specific senior care services requested in every city we're targeting. So that we can react fast & adapt our acquisition strategy by city.

Andrea Temime

CEO @Hoomiz

Instead of using multiple tools like Google Keyword Planner, Search Console & Ahrefs, I use Trajaan as my unique source of search data to discover what I should do next to gain traffic from the search channel.

Pierre-Alexis Ardon

Licorne Society

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