Frequently Asked Questions.

All the most frequently asked questions about Trajaan & search listening.

Search listening refers to technologies enabling companies to collect, process & extract strategic insights from large sets of search data.

83% of purchase funnels start with an online search.

With search listening, brands can learn ...

  • What consumers want to buy
  • What brands they consider
  • Where they want to shop

Forget about survey biais: 98% of consumers in Western countries use search engines like Google or Amazon before making purchase.

Search engines have become true mirrors of global consumer expectations, where people confess their deepest fears & desires.

Search listening is not another technical SEO tool.

Technical SEO is an old practice aiming to help websites get better crawled & indexed by search engines - sometimes even better ranked by using tricks (retro engineering).

Technical SEO tools think micro, providing performance page by page or keywords to add in titles.

Search listening think macro by helping brands map everything consumers are searching on their entire market and detect the best opportunities from search signals.



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Why search data have become crucial to brands & retailers.

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Consumer insights

Discover what people want to buy or learn online.

Content planning

Get all teams aligned on search channel opportunities.

Retail strategy

Adapt your merchandising to local trends.

Strategy consulting

Serious data for due diligence & market research.

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