Be Creative! A Review of DIY Furniture Trends in France.


Feeling good at home 🏠

The consecutive periods of lockdowns have strengthened the desire among french people to feel good at home. Leading to an increase in spending on interior design and a change in consumption patterns.

After almost 2 years of working from home, exercising at home, cooking at home, and videoconferencing friends from home: people had to equip their house to keep all their activities inside their home to maintain their productivity up and a reassuring coziness.

The furniture market continues to grow, with a 9% growth forecast for 2021. What do French consumers exactly want to build on their own? Not only do people want to feel good at home, but they’re also very eager to get advice & buy stuff from online platforms. Let’s use search listening to review the main drivers of DIY furniture in France.

🛠 Outdoor furniture: +37,6% last semester

🛠 Indoor furniture: 43,9% last semester

🛠 Mix furniture: 33,1% last semester

Here are the type of furniture with the better growth rate this year!

Why DIY? 🛠

At a time of fast service, fast food & fast delivery, we could expect the furniture eCommerce market to explode. While overall consumption keeps increasing and every task is optimized to gain some time.

Surprisingly, the DIY trend goes against the grain and teaches people to turn their unused items into new ones, repair their broken equipment themselves, to learn to perform manual tasks. The concept of Do-It-Yourself is simply to take action, to stop consuming things that you can do yourself. The objective is to take the time to learn simple and useful things.

DIY is therefore a time for yourself, where you let your imagination run wild. It is not only a hobby but also a community. There are many models, plans, and other aids to help you get started, find ideas and take your first steps, a big online community is here to help you with your first steps. The furniture market doesn’t step out of the line and counts a large community of active members who want to equip their house with their own hands.

📈 Almost 1% of French inhabitants does a query related with DIY along the year

📈 After a large decrease due to the end of the lockdown in France. The DIY market is on the rise again: +42% growth last month

Two crucial moments 🕘

No wonder online searches are mostly done during two periods along the year: August and January. These periods correspond to an overall change for a lot of people. Students and professionals must move into new places following their job or school curriculum.

DIY is a good solution to equip its new home without spending too much money and to create a place that truly matches our attends.

→ We see 27,75% growth in August

→ We see 41% growth in January

DIY is not a Parisian thing 📌

French affinity distribution for DIY furniture (volume of searches for 100k inhabitants)

The DIY seems rather geographically unequal. It appears west part of France is more likely to embrace DIY solutions. Indeed the four regions with the highest affinity (number of searches for 100.000 inhabitants) are situated in the West. While Paris is the second-last worst affinity in France.

🥇 Brittany

🥈 Centre-Val-de-Loire

🥉 Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Traditional retailers must adapt their offer

DIY is not an emerging trend. The early stages of DIY solutions started with the explosion of the internet. Today, many people have adopted these new reflexes. To answer this new demand, the biggest actors in the furniture market had to adapt their offer. Leroy Merlin launched “Make it” with guides, tutorials to create your proper furniture. Ikea offers now “Ikea hackers” to find alternative ways to use their products. Finally, Castorama has now its “18h39” offering daily inspirations, the discovery of new ways of living, visionaries, innovation driving the houses of tomorrow.



“What if you made your own decorations? And what if we personalized our world? At Leroy Merlin, Do it yourself (DIY) tutorials are called Make it. And we love creative DIY so much that we decided to add a good dose of inspiration. Our Make it’s full of ideas for making amazing, unexpected, surprising, beautiful, clever, useful objects yourself, easily… the list is long!”

-Leroy Merlin


“IKEA hackers is all about modding, repurposing, and customizing IKEA products. We have thousands of hacks from all over the globe. You’re bound to find something to inspire you.”


Which products? 🪑

The Do-it-Yourself allows great creativity, combinations are almost infinite, with some help and guides you can almost create whatever you want.

Interesting fact: 76.8% (370.000 searches) of DIY users chose to create interior furnishings, only 8.1% tend to create outdoor furniture (72.000 searches).

At the same time, the piece of furniture most asked for is headboards, after the dressing, desks, and bookshelves complete the podium. The large demand for headboards can be explained mostly by the strong affinity in Brittany where we monitored almost 8.000 searches throughout the year!

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