Real estate: reviewing new trends in France after Covid-19.

Assessing the growth potential of an online real estate pure player by listening to all search trends over the last 12 months.

Is it time to expand into new markets?

A new marketplace in online real estate wants to quickly evaluate its brand awareness and understand major market rationales in different French regions.

After succeeding in the Paris area, the company wants to expand in other regions & explore underlying markets (luxury real estate, property valuation etc.) to fuel its growth in an highly competitive landscape.

How to size the potential of underlying markets? How to monitor brand awareness at a local scale? Is any specific trend in coastal or mountain departments? ? Are there specific online services requested by consumers – like property valuation tools?

CS - Real estate
Case study / DIY cosmetics Europe

Start by mapping everything French are searching about real estate.

We scan the Web to collect hundreds  of semantic expressions describing the real estate market, from informational to transactional queries – while labeling branded.


All these keywords are grouped representing all major segments from the market – while flagging all branded search queries in specific groups to monitor brand awareness.

Reveal what sort of properties French want to buy or rent, in every territory.

We collect local search volumes for all expressions searched online over the last 12 months – to reveal major rationales on the French real estate market. 


Our platform helps you detect territories with higher affinity to specific products or services by comparing local affinity (search volume for 100k population).


Our platform also provides seasonality analysis to spot specific topics that generates much more interest every season or month.


CS - Real estate

Local affinity for luxury properties (search volume for 100k population)

Analyzing local brand awareness of all major French real estate networks.

Our platform reveals brand awareness of all key players among French searchers by computing volume of branded search queries i.e. keywords containing brand names.

CS - Real estate

Top-10 French real estate networks.

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