The State of Real Estate Search in France after Covid-19.

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Why monitoring search trends in the housing market? 🤖

The housing market is moving quickly, as fast as consumer expectations have evolved with the latest pandemics & new trends like remote work.

More than ever, real estate promoters & agencies need to detect emerging trends before their competitors do.

Search engines are gold mines as they reveal exactly what consumers are considering to buy or rent, at a very local scale.

With proper search listening technology, you can learn exactly how many people are searching for furnished flats, houses with gardens, or housing near a specific place (like schools or public transportation).

As a real estate professional, it is your duty to stay ahead of your end-customer expectations & adapt your marketing efforts in consequence. 

A growing trend for furnished apartments ... in Paris📈🗼

While many french cities become more & more expensive, it becomes a true challenge to find a relevant apartment in a short delay. Furnished apartments present the advantage of being livable very quickly, they also are easier to quit. We have detected a slow but true increase in online demand.

  • +14,7% online searches for furnished flats in march-22
  • 82.000 searches from march-21 to march-22

This growing demand for furnished flats mostly concerns Paris and some other big cities in France to a lesser extent. 

  •  Paris is the place where the interest is the highest with 2,200 searches for 100,000 inhabitants. 

French not speaking the same French everywhere in France 🔎

So adapt your marketing campaigns! Considering only non-branded searches (not containing any brand name), we monitor large differences between the Northern and Southern regions. 

While Northern people seem to prefer ‘appartement à louer” when they are looking for a flat, Southern people favorise the expression ‘location appartement

When the semantic is different think about positioning your marketing efforts on the optimal keywords to have a maximal gain. 

Even at a local scale, you can observe some differences. Here, in the very heart of Paris, the local best keyword whether can be “studio meublé”, “location meublé” or “appartement meublé”.

Focus on homes within an hour of paris 🏡

We saw above that the housing market in Paris is boiling and that many searches focus on finding something near to Paris. For a lot of families, being at less than one hour distance in car or in public transportation is required. 

🔑  More than 146,000 searches from march-21 to march-22 for houses at less than 1h from Paris.

🔑  +9,7% from january-22 to march-2022 for this type of demand

🔑  Cities people are most interested in are: Paris, Argenteuil and Versailles.


Physical agencies awareness related to the location 🗺🇫🇷

Our platform reveals brand awareness of all key players among French searchers by computing the volume of branded search queries i.e. keywords containing brand names, such as SelogerLeBonCoinOrpi or Century21. If we have a look at traditional agencies: 

#1) Foncia trusts 34,9% of overall searches.

#2) Century 21 comes second with 17,8% of all searches

#3) Orpi closes the podium with 13,6% of all searches.

However, beyond the success of this trio, other agencies are competing to develop their brand in regions. Depending on the city you are located in, the top #1 searched agency is different. We notice a strong presence of Foncia, Century 21Orpi but also Guy Hoquet or Square habitat agencies.

But smaller actors are gaining interest 👏

Even if the market is dominated by, some smaller agencies are competing to take a true part of the cake. A lot of them present an excellent growth rate better than large agencies with high volumes of search.

📈 The Stéphane Plaza agency, mostly boosted by the notoriety of its owner and the TV shows he hosts, highlights an impressive growth of +29% from oct-21 to mar-22.

📈 L’Adresse is a new collaborative agency that gives its members the freedom to express themselves and share with the agency’s network. It is getting serious in major French cities, with a growth of +24% from oct-21 to mar-22.

📈 Last but not least, Foncia is an already well-known real estate agency (ranked #4 in terms of search volume), we have tracked its +18% growth from oct-21 to mar-22.

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