Outdoor shoes: Evaluating the growing consumer interest

Revealing with search data how French consumers are interested in different outdoor shoes segments.

What search data reveal

What do French people are looking to find online in every major city? Hiking shoes? Mountain boots? Women shoes?

Is there any specific local trend for each outdoor shoes category? Are consumers expectations different in Northern regions?

Does some outdoor shoes categories have a stronger seasonal effect than others?

What brands benefit from the best awareness in each city? Is there a clear demand for brands & specific products? DecathlonSalomonMeindel?

Case study / Outdoor (France)

What we learn with Trajaan

Over 60k search queries every month on Google, in the top-30 French cities in population.

21% of all search queries come from Paris.

Most sensitive cities are Perpignan, Clermont-Ferrand & Annecy.

YoY growth: +9.6% (Sept-20 vs. Sept-19).

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