Into the future of packaging with serum capsules.

Diving into pioneering US consumer trends to support European go-to-market strategies.

Anticipating a shift in demand in Europe for skincare packaging.

Our client, a digital skincare brand (DNVB), wants to launch multiple new products every month to quickly respond to new consumer expectations. 

Single-dose capsules market is fledging in Europe, but by combining multiple consumers’ concerns (biodegradable, freshness, travel-friendly etc.), it could turn into gold-mine for first movers. 

How to assess potential opportunities in fast moving B2C markets? To what extent US trends could inspire development strategies in Europe? How search listening could help strategists? 

CS / serum capsules

Map everything US consumers are searching online about single-dose capsules.

We scan major marketplaces and websites to collect hundreds  of expressions.

CS / serum capsules

Example with one search queries (among 300+ describing the market).

Yes, there is a market for serums in capsule in the USA.

Our platform provides a map of top-states in search volume but also an affinity heatmap – highlighting territories with a higher level of demand for 100k population. 

CS / serum capsules

While California is the state with the highest search volume, affinity is much higher in the East coast (May 20 – Apr. 21, min state population: 5m)

Revealing leading molecules & types of care linked to serum capsules in the US.

By segmenting all search queries, our client could detect what molecules generating the most interest among consumers – in every season or month.

CS / serum capsules

Top-10 molecules tied to serum capsules, when searched online.

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