Monitoring the emergence of hard seltzers in Europe.

Diving into European consumer awareness to support European go-to-market strategy of a major beverage company.

Anticipating a growing demand in Europe for hard seltzers.

Our client, a major beverage company, is considering to increase its investment in European markets to promote its new line of hard seltzers. But it lacks of reliable data about demand & local competition.

Hard seltzers – or spiked seltzers – are already a huge market in the USA, that generated $ 2bn+ in revenue in 2020.

While major players in the beverage industry waited for a while before investing in the European market, many local digital native brands launched hard seltzer products in France, Germany & Spain.

With our search listening tool, we helped our client to assess the online demand in hard seltzers in 3 European countries, especially by evaluating the brand awareness of all local players.

CS / hard seltzers

Mapping all hard seltzer brands searched by European consumers over the last 12 months.

We scanned major online marketplaces & specialized websites to extract brands & product names to make sure to avoid missing out any local player in France, Spain & Germany.

CS / hard seltzers

Example of brands found on online marketplaces like Tesco, Carrefour or Sainsbury’s.

Confirming the existence of a market for hard seltzers in Western Europe.

While Ile-de-France is the region with the highest online demand, Germany tops national market standings in search volume.

Trajaan / hard seltzers

While California is the state with the highest search volume, affinity is much higher in the East coast (May 20 – Apr. 21, min state population: 5m)

Revealing leading brands searched by consumers in France, Spain & Germany.

Search data are great to evaluate the impact of product launch on consumers – while monitoring the post-campaign effect. Despite huge media investments, Glowy & Snowmelt still struggle to compete.

Trajaan / hard seltzers

Top-10 brands searched online in France (June 20 – May 21)

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