Where to launch new design furniture stores in Mexico

Evaluating the major drivers of local demand for design & premium furniture in Mexico.

Confirming a growth potential in Mexico.

Our end-client, an private equity fund, wants to gain in confidence before making a significative investment in a Mexican company selling online premium furniture.


After succeeding in Mexico City, the company requests funds to expand in 6 new cities by opening new warehouses & showrooms. 


How to assess the hypotheses of their go-to-market plan? Are these cities truly the most interesting to secure long-term revenue?

Case study / Furniture Mexico
Case study / Furniture Mexico

Mapping everything Mexicans searched online about desig furniture.

We scanned major Mexican websites to collect hundreds  of expressions describing standard & premium furniture.


All these keywords were grouped together into segments representing all major categories from the market – while flagging all search queries about design & premium furniture.

Revealing cities with higher potential.

We computed the volume of online search queries about design furniture for 100k population in every major city.


Topped by Puebla, rankings revealed top cities where any brand selling premium furniture should expand.


A precise list used by our end-client to challenge the company raising funds.

Case study / Furniture Mexico

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