Revealing online buying trends for champagne in France.

Supporting an online marketplace inventory strategy for a major French wine & champagne retailer.

How to accelerate growth with the ecommerce channel?

A leading French wine/champagne retailer, is looking to gain market shares by selling more volume from its ecommerce platform.

Wine & champagne ecommerce markets have surged over the past few years, especially fueled by the Covid-19 crisis.

Problem is consumers buying online do not share exactly the same purchasing behavior as traditional consumers shopping in retail stores. Not the same brands, nor the same products.

CS / champagne

Listening to everything French consumers search about champagnes.

Most consumers now start their purchase journey by searching for the best offers from search engines like Google or Amazon.

With Trajaan, our client started to pilot its inventory strategy with search data analytics, mapping everything consumers search online & monitoring continuously the latest trends in consumer behavior.

CS / champagne

Example of search query detecting by scrapping online ecommerce platforms or marketplaces like Nicolas or Vinatis.

Revealing brands & cuvées with higher sales potential.

Our platform collects fresh volumes every month for every mapped search query.

Our client can detect what brands and cuvées generate online interest among French consumers – such as Cristal Roederer, Ruinart brut or Mumm Cordon Rouge.

CS / champagne

Top-10 champagne brands searched in France, over time – (France, Jun ‘20 – May ‘21) 

Detecting local trends in consumer behaviour to improve local offering.

Search queries are geolocalized – providing great insights on local consumer behaviour. Our client analyzed data in every French region and top-30 cities in population to improve its local retail assortment & promote local paid search campaigns.

CS / champagne

Brand affinity* in every French region (Jun ‘20 – May ‘21) 

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