Monitoring brands from the alcohol-free beer market in Europe

Revealing with search data how West European consumers are interested in alcohol-free beers.

What search data reveal

Which brands have the best awareness in every country, region and major city?

When do people consume non-alcoholic drinks the most? Is seasonality similar in all countries & regions?

Is there any local trends associated with alcohol-free beer? Or specific brands?

What could drive consumers to buy or neglect alcohol-free beers? Is health a strong category attribute for potential buyers?

Case study / Beers
Case study / Alcohol (EU)

What we learn with Trajaan

With a strong increase due to the Dry January (+51% vs. avg) the British market trend is pretty stable over the year.

In France, Spain & Germany, demand is increasing a lot during summer time (April > August)
  • France: +90%
  • Germany: +64%
  • Spain: +61%
  • UK: +15%

Very popular right after the holiday season, as well as the Heineken 0.0, Brewdog Nanny State has become the British Dry January favorite! … And so much more!

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