Baby Car Seats: How To Boost Sales By Answering Parents' Real Concerns.

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Revealing everything consumers are searching online with search listening 💪

The Baby Market is characterized by a tremendous amount of online searches.

Every parent has questions about what’s best for their newborn and looks for the best products. Today, their primary source of information is search engines like Google, instantly accessible from their smartphone: anytime, anywhere. 

Google has become a goldmine of information for parents sharing their concerns, fears, doubts but also awareness about products and brands via their searches.

Thanks to Trajaan, all this data can be gathered, processed and interpreted to discover new market insights, new behaviors, new booming products or expectations etc..

→ Numerous searches related to baby products, clothing, diapers, toys, car seats, etc…

→ Many searches related to parents’ concerns

Listening to search is listening to your consumers and has become an essential tool for any market expert eager to stand out!

More than 100,000 searches about “siège auto” per month in France 💺🇫🇷

10,000 French parents query Google each month to find out when to remove their baby car seat 🧐❓

Focusing on products that raise the most interest ✨


There are many different types of baby car seats, with a vast array of features and innovations promoted by manufacturers. It has become impossible for marketers to keep up with the pace of a market where brands compete fiercely to preempt new consumption modes.

How to get the big picture? How to stand out from the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) behavior and focus on what really matters for consumers?  

By focusing on products that raise the most interest. 

Let’s have a look at the current trends that will shape the next months and that Trajaan can detect monthly by scanning search engine queries!

When looking at features, parents praise the rotating car seat system with 360° baby car seats generating almost 80% of online searches when comparing to stroller-compatible features or size adjustment (Group 1/2/3).

However, come behind the seats that are compatible with strollers with almost 10% of the searches.

Detecting brands that are increasing their awareness among consumers.

Monitoring brand awareness and respective share of voice in search engine queries is an essential watchtower of your competitors’ positioning, and momentum but also their digital marketing activities.

In the baby car seat industry, we are seeing a fairly large number of brand searches. This reflects the need for parents to precisely understand the features of the various available baby car seat models.

Some brands are strong on specific features: Doona is largely leading the stroller-compatible car seat segment.

While Britax is associated with flexible products that can evolve with the baby’s size as he/she is getting older.

Maxi Cosi is highly sought after for its 360° swivel seats, which make installation easier for parents. Thanks to this positioning and new product launching, Maxi Cosi has recorded the highest growth in online searches over the last 6 months valuing their strategy in this market segment.


Thinking high-level does not mean to neglect local insights and variations in the demand structure 🗺

Searches are geo-targeted, meaning they are powerful source of insights to detect local specificities but above all, local opportunities for your marketing strategy!

Unsurprisingly, not all French parents think in the same way. Expectations or favorite brands are different depending on where searchers are located. 

Two major brands compete in terms of search volume in France. While Cybex dominates search volume in the Northern and Mediterranean regions of France, Joie takes over the Western and Central regions.

Yoyo, the true Parisian star 😎 🥐

Trajaan is also capable of detecting valuable small signals. Although, Yoyo is not among the top-national players, the brand is starting to create something with its consumer base. Obviously, Yoyo stays rather popular in Paris areas wherer the brand has 4x bigger affinity than the national average (affinity = search volume per 100,000 inhabitants). This represents about 50,000 searches over the year and an amazing growth in searches of 24% from October 21 to March 22. 

Affinity map for Yoyo online searches from nov-21 to apr-22

Adapting your marketing budget with seasons 🍃🌸

When looking at birth rate over the last 12 months in France, there is not a specific month that pops out. French have babies all the year rather evenly.

But when looking at consumers searches, January stands out as the best period in the year, the period when consumers are searching for product and engaging with brands. To some extent, July comes 2nd and this, unveil something that will be seen between June, 22nd and July, 19th 2022 : Winter and Summer Sales (soldes) are the key period to engage with parents online. 

With Trajaan and search engine data, marketers get powerful insight to adapt and therefore, spend your marketing budget throughout the year when it matters. 

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