How To Secure Your Go-To-Market With Search Data

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You have now a list of topics to build your strategy. Let’s see how you could transform your list of topics into real business opportunities with search data. To start with, use these topics to fill these business objectives.

Invest your marketing efforts wisely, in the right places

Imagine your are an outdoor company selling hiking & trail shoes. Your first assumption might be: “It’s obvious, my prospects and customers are mountaineers and located in the Alpine regions and in Paris….”.

Before betting on that, you would better look at the geolocated topics to truly fit “in your prospects shoes”.

Let’s have a look at our Trajaan sensitivity heat map, it looks like most of your potential customers are actually located in Perpignan, Clermont Ferrand and Bordeaux.

You are now clear on the cities you will have to focus on, for example :

  • As a retailer, you will prioritize cities to open your next shop
  • As an online business, you will focus your online campaigns in 3-4 cities rather than the whole France.

Communicate about your products & services at the right time

As an outdoor company, you already know that summer time and winter time are your “money time”, but what if you found opportunities to sell new products highly demanded during the rest of the year ?

Take a look to the seasonal interest surrounding hiking (“randonnée”).

Nice! Of course summertime is the perfect time for a go-to-market. So is January! Did you know that people enjoy hiking after Christmas celebrations? So why not crafting a new product line to sell at this specific time of the year ?

With Trajaan, you can identify new segments with high business potential for each season.

Build your Google Ads strategy from automated trends detection

You do not have to fight on the same grounds than your competitors. Think about that “winter hiking boot” concept you may launch this year? Now it’s time to focus on how to increase your brand visibility with paid search.

At Trajaan, we make sure to highlight keywords with the lowest competency and with the highest business potential so you can invest empty spaces.

If you want to know more about our work with outdoor companies, feel free to check our case study 🙂

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