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Content SEO: Industrialize Rather Than Automate. And Without ChatGPT

For too long, content SEO and content-to-commerce have been left behind by technology. Now, they can rely on new solutions that can accelerate the editorial production process and increase their impact threefold while keeping expenses the same.

Great content is time consuming…

Buying guides, blog posts, trend notebooks, magazines… Despite their undeniable effectiveness in attracting visitors through search engines, these high-value-added contents have long been a challenge for marketing teams.

Good news for brands looking to increase their visibility on search engines! Creating content has never been faster than it is today. Without echoing the call for complete automation, which would be unappealing to the end reader, it is now possible to speed up every stage of the editorial process with the right technology.

Automatic discovery of new questions in a market, automatic trend detection from continuous analysis of millions of data points, AI-assisted content suggestions inspired by the brand’s existing content, and markup for search engines… Technologies are now available to address the speed and volume challenges faced by editorial teams.
The key for brands? Identifying solutions capable of centralizing these different technologies and aligning with the writing process. It’s technology’s role to adapt to humans, not the other way around.

Find great topics to write about with AI

Search listening proves to be an invaluable resource for marketing by providing valuable insights. By analyzing the queries and questions frequently asked by users, marketing teams can understand the needs and concerns of their target audience. This allows for personalized advertising strategies, adapting content, and effectively targeting consumers. Furthermore, by monitoring emerging trends, companies can stay up to date with the latest market developments. Search listening offers a unique opportunity to anticipate customer demands and proactively align with industry developments, thus strengthening the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Search listening is an amazing added value to another technology on the market : social listening.

Top trending searches in 2023 vs. 2022 vs. 2021

Use AI as writer personal assistant

By using search listening to gather insights to better understand their consumers, some platforms even go further by assisting marketing teams in creating different scenarios to develop high-value-added content in line with the targeted sector and market trends. Thanks to search listening, your marketing content will never have been more in tune with the real needs and interests of your target audience. This strategic approach, combining search analysis and responsive content creation, allows marketers to significantly improve visibility, engagement, and strengthen their online presence.

Keywords unexploited by cruise brands in constant increase

Meet Trajaan

Trajaan is the first French search listening platform that analyzes consumer behavior on search engines. Our technology allows global brands to automatically detect the latest trends in each market and launch marketing campaigns that precisely respond to consumer purchase and information intentions.

With Trajaan, you can:

  • Detect current trends to create content.
  • Prioritize the most important topics among the trends.
  • Write relevant content for your business.

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